Group photo 2021

Lab members

K. Dorota Raczyńska – group leader

Patrycja Plewka – postdoc

Marlena Cichocka – PhD student

Ankur Gadgil – PhD student

Kishor Gawade – PhD student

Robert Pasieka – PhD student

Anna Kozłowska – lab manager

Anna Karlik – MSc

Maciej Rogowski– MSc student

Patrycja Świergiel – MSc student

Kinga Plawgo – MSc student

Dina Mohamed – MSc student

Agata Kowalewska – MSc student

Vitalii Seniukov – student

Former lab members

Agata Stępień – postdoc

Agnieszka Walczak – postdoc

Paweł Czubak – postdock

Aleksandra Brzęk – PhD student



Katarzyna Dorota Raczyńska

My research is focused mostly on RNA processing mediated by U7 snRNP. Besides, I am interested in bird watching, jogging, hiking and brewery.

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Patrycja Plewka

My research interests focus on sdRNAs and novel functions of U7 snRNA.
In my spare time I enjoy reading crime novels and going to my zumba classes

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Marlena Cichocka

The analysis of interactions between hnRNP UL1, FUS and U7 snRNP in human cells Hek 293T and HeLa.
My hobbies: Travelling, including exploring new cultures and food; anthropology; psychological literature and fashion

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Ankur Gadgil

My work is focused on studying the effect of ALS-linked FUS mutations on U7snRNP activity.
Besides, I am equally interested in bird watching, trekking, travel and fooooooood 😉

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Kishor Gawade

Project Description: The main goal of the project is to identify the sdRNAs – small RNAs derived from mature snoRNAs and to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying their synthesis, mediated by the Fused In Sarcoma (FUS) protein.

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Robert Pasieka

Study of the interaction between U7 snRNA and selected lincRNA molecules in human cells. I am also intrested in gym, boxing and kickboxing.

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Anna Kozłowska

My job is to organize the work in the laboratory. I support scientific research from the administrative and technical side. I am interested in tea, hydrobiology and ecology.

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